Field Vice Presidents

Kim Busl


Europe – West

Kim has been involved with OCI for many years, including a number of years at Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia. He also served as OCI vice president for two years and president for seven.


Personal Quote

“God’s wonderful purpose of grace, the mystery of redeeming love, is the theme into which ‘angels desire to look,’ and it will be their study throughout endless ages. Both the redeemed and the unfallen beings will find in the cross of Christ their science and their song. It will be seen that the glory shining in the face of Jesus is the glory of self-sacrificing love. In the light from Calvary it will be seen that the law of self-renouncing love is the law of life for earth and heaven; that the love which ‘seeketh not her own’ has its source in the heart of God; and that in the meek and lowly One is manifested the character of Him who dwelleth in the light which no man can approach unto.”
– Ellen White, Desire of Ages, p. 19


Charles Cleveland

Asia – East

Chuck is a health educator with a passion for medical missionary work. He has served as an administrator of several lifestyle centers and as vice president of Outpost Centers International. He has helped establish five lifestyle centers in Europe and Africa. Currently he is president of Health Education Resources, producing health expo banners in 40 languages that are used for community health screening programs around the world.


Personal Quotes

“Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.”
– Matthew 9:35

“Men and women who unselfishly do what they can to establish sanitariums and treatment rooms in many lands will be richly rewarded.”
– Ellen White, Counsels on Health, p. 215


Alain Bautista

Asia – Southeast



James Hartley


James was raised a Roman Catholic and was re-introduced to Jesus through an Adventist family running an organic farm in Italy. He now serves as the president of LIGHT and the vice president for Wildwood Lifestyle Center.


Nick Dan

Europe – East

Nick is the founder and director of Herghelia Institute in Romania. He has also worked with various OCI leaders to help start other projects throughout Eastern Europe.

Fred Flint

Inter-America Division

Fred was raised in supporting ministries and has worked at projects in Latin America for a number of years. He and his wife, Marie, are currently serving as leaders at Country Life Institute in Dominican Republic. Their passion is to see the gospel spread through education and medical missionary work.


Personal Quote

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”
– Galatians 6:9

Don Johnson


The son of missionary parents, Don worked as a denominational employee at Pacific Union College and Kettering Hospital prior to joining supporting ministry work in 1969. His years of service and leadership in lay-run ministries has led him to Laurelbrook School & Sanitarium, Wildwood Lifestyle Center, and Eden Valley Institute in the United States, Fountainview Academy in Canada, a school in conjunction with La Loma Luz Hospital in Belize, Mount Akagi Institute in Japan, and much more.


Personal Quote

“The true nature of our religion is not found in the position we occupy, but in the gentle spirit, the kindness, the peace which we manifest….It is practical Christlikeness alone that can make one a peacemaker in the home, in the church, in the neighborhood, and in the world.”
– Our High Calling, p. 179

Patricia LaVanture

North America – East

Based at Oak Haven/Country Life Natural Foods in Pullman, MI, Patricia currently serves as the Director of Health Evangelism and an instructor at Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism. She has a deep passion to serve, teach, and lead people to Christ.


Personal Quote

“We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.”
– 2 Corinthians 4:7


Marilene Stevenson


Marilene has been involved with OCI in various ways for nearly a decade. She and her husband, Eldon, led member ministry Cedarvale Health & Lifestyle Retreat for six years. They have continued their close association with OCI by doing short-term volunteer work on a regular basis at various OCI member ministries around the world.  She is excited to help grow OCI membership in the Oceania region.


Alexey Ostapenco

Russian Speaking

In addition to his duties at Our Home Lifestyle Center & School, Alexey is helping to facilitate ministry growth throughout Eastern Europe, specifically in Russian speaking countries.


Personal Quote

“The world needs today what it needed nineteen hundred years ago–a revelation of Christ. A great work of reform is demanded, and it is only through the grace of Christ that the work of restoration, physical, mental, and spiritual, can be accomplished.”
– Ellen White, Ministry of Healing, p. 143.2


Linda Bentancurt

South American Division

Linda has a deep interest in health, young people, and sharing God’s love around the world. As a nurse and educator, she has served in many countries and currently works with LIGHT as the divisional director for South America. She is married to Pablo Bentancurt.


Personal Quote

“It is the privilege of every Christian, not only to look for, but to hasten the coming of the Saviour.” – Ellen White, The Acts of the Apostles, p. 600