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In its local community, Country Life Institute is better known as Liga de Servicio Cristiano. And Christian service is exactly their focus. Many challenges have reduced their team to its currently small size. But although the numbers are few, God continues to bless, and the team’s willingness to work for Him and hasten His coming grows every day. Their store, in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, provides health food for the whole island. By God’s grace, it is thriving despite the economy and against all of the odds stacked up against it. Healthy bread, granola, and a variety of health supplements continue to pass through their doors, helping to support the 17 employees—many of whom are Haitians who have migrated across the border in search of work and a better life. Haitians and Dominicans alike, the team is united with a common goal: to share the gospel. Two Bible workers are employed full time in spreading the Good News. Hundreds have been baptized over the years as a result of their work and the connections made in the health food store. The team also uses cooking and health seminars to reach out to people and support the church. Many people have transformed their lifestyles as a result of these seminars, and they have hope for now and eternity. Although the enemy’s attacks can be seen, the ministry goes forward in its work for a loving God. They eagerly await His return and seek every opportunity to share that hope with those they meet.


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  • OCI Ministries Collaborate

    Three OCI ministries are collaborating to restart the medical missionary school in Dominican Republic. For more than 15 years, Seventh-day Adventist lay-workers have faithfully endeavored to operate a small supporting ministry in Dominican Republic, called Country Life Institute (also known as Liga de Servicio Cristiano). In earlier years, the ministry had a vibrant educational program…


  • Country Life Institute - DR
    Liga de Servicio Cristiano
    Avenida Las Americas #48, Ensanche Ozama
    Santo Domingo
    Dominican Republic
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