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Through God’s providence, a freelance photographer from Prague, Czech Republic, found himself in a training program at the restaurant Country Life Paris in 1990. He was inspired to bring his new passion to his hometown.

Country Life Prague was founded in 1991 at a time when there was no other health food wholesale structure in the country. The first activities were a health food shop and a wholesale store in Prague. In 1992 the farm was put into action and five years later Country Life opened a vegetarian restaurant in Prague. In 2003 Country Life wholesale moved to the outpost at Nenacovice, a small village about 10 miles outside of Prague, where the organic farm and bakery and headquarters of the company are situated. This is also where the popular annual Organic Harvest Festival has taken place since 2004.

Today Country Life’s wholesale business supplies shops, restaurants, food manufacturers, and large chain stores. The Country Life bakery produces spelt and rye breads, among other bakery products, which are all organic. The main Country Life restaurant in downtown Prague serves 400 to 500 customers daily—most of them regulars. Adjacent to this restaurant, the Country Life store draws as many as 500 customers per day. Another of their stores in the capital is one of the largest health food stores in the Czech Republic. Six other health food stores, two smaller restaurants, and a natural cosmetics store make up the rest of Country Life’s city-centered ministry. Also, Country Life has expanded its web presence by running an online store. The company has been promoting a project in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture to encourage an organic diet in Czech schools as well.

Through the years Country Life has supported a number of mission activities, which are currently run under Springs of Health. Whether serving nutritious food or sponsoring the evangelistic efforts of Springs of Health, Country Life is dedicated to connecting people with Christ.


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  • Restaurant & Health Food Store #1

    Melantrichova 15
    11000 Prague 1
    Czech Republic
    420-224-213-366 (fax)
    Dora Hessova
  • Restaurant & Health Food Store #2

    Jungmannova 1
    11000 Prague 1
    Czech Republic
    Jana Jalovcova
  • Health Food Wholesale

    Nenacovice 87
    266 01
    Beroun 1
    Czech Republic
    420-311-714-415 (fax)
    Stanislav Bek,
  • Restaurant & Health Food Store #3

    s. Armady 30
    16000 Prague 6 - Bubenec
    Czech Republic



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