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Cross to Crown International began as an impossible dream in the minds of the Halverson family. In the jungles of Nicaragua, electricity and running water are not just luxuries; plumbing and power lines simply do not exist. A generator is even limited by miles of often-impassible roads between home and fuel. This is the reality for the Miskito people living in the jungles along the Coco River. Poverty, hunger, and a lack of clean water result in poor health, and many villages are still steeped in witchcraft.

Mike and Diana Halverson moved to Nicaragua to work at a mission, helping with building projects. Then in 2000 a group of Miskito Indians traveled from their distant village to talk with the missionaries. “God has never been to our village,” the Indians said. “He doesn’t know who we are.” They asked the family to talk with God and ask Him to come to their village. The family did not take the request lightly. They visited village after village along the Coco River. After seeing the effects of the witch doctors in these remote villages, the Halversons felt a burden to reach more of these people. But with few roads, travel was difficult. It seemed that a radio station would be the most effective messenger. Mike and Diana gave their idea to God, and with miracle after miracle He made the impossible happen.

Today CCI 96.9 FM is a reality—one that reaches farther than ever expected. Since 2006, the message of hope in Jesus Christ has been reaching their targeted area in Nicaragua and can be heard in a large portion of Honduras, as well.

Recently the team was able to set up solar power, so they no longer have to rely on fickle roads in an effort to keep their station running. They have been building churches and clinics in the villages as well, and they strive in every way to spread the love of Jesus as quickly as they can. They are eager to go Home—to a home with no hunger and no pain, a home where all speak the same language and can share in each others’ joys for eternity.






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