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Nestled at the base of the La Sal Mountains just 30 minutes from world-renowned Arches National Park, DayStar Adventist Academy offers service-oriented education with a college entrance level curriculum.

DayStar began in 1970 when two doctors in Salt Lake City, Utah, saw the need for an academy in the Nevada-Utah Conference. Today the school operates on a basis of strong academics, work education, and a belief that character is the most important part of development. DayStar Adventist Academy is a non-profit religious educational facility and a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as well as members of Adventist Laymen Services and Industries and Outpost Centers International.

One of the school’s biggest assets is the agricultural training program. Students learn to produce alfalfa and wheat, and to grow a market garden. In the process they also lower their tuition costs. Along with these daily activities, students enjoy rafting and kayaking on the nearby Colorado River; mountain biking, rappelling, camping, and hiking in the state and national parks; equine management, snowboarding and skiing at nearby resorts; and rescue and relief training. With such a variety of activities at its fingertips, the academy has chosen to emphasize missions.

Through classroom instruction and outdoor activities, the staff seek to introduce students to Jesus Christ. Their goal is to train students for service and to equip them with skills that will allow them to effectively minister to others. In the process of coming to know Christ, the students experience true education: the harmonious development of physical, mental, and spiritual powers and the ability to be thinkers and not mere reflectors of others’ thoughts. DayStar’s greatest focus is helping students to know Jesus as their best Friend, which allows them to discover and implement God’s plan for their lives. This mission is summed up by their motto: “To know God and make Him known is our business here.”

Academic Program:

Daystar Adventist Academy offers a specialized academic program. In addition to its college preparation curriculum, the school offers “Life Skill” courses–technical and occupational education classes that give students an idea of possible careers for the future.  Some of the classes include: agriculture, horsemanship, sewing, baking, auto mechanics, maintenance, construction, farriering, and welding to name a few.

Music Program:

The DayStar music program provides great opportunities for students to witness, as well as to travel and experience many interesting places, people, and cultural events. The vocal and hand bell choirs have performed locally and around the U.S. and  Canada. Students also get to participate in many annual events including the Messiah and the Academy Music Festival at Union College.

Outdoor Education:

The DayStar outdoor education program is dedicated to creating a Christian learning environment while doing outdoor recreational activities. These activities are designed to increase confidence and provide skills that can be used to assist in making the world a better place. It is the school’s desire that through exposure to God’s creation, students will develop a greater love for their Creator and an increased desire for service. The program has a wide variety of activities including summiting, white water rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing and rappelling, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, camping, snowboarding, and more. Students also have the option to earn certificates for rescue and disaster relief.


The academy operates Castle Valley Farms, which is one of the largest self-supporting farms in the country. The farm provides an open avenue to sell fresh produce and gives the school opportunities to share Jesus as the students offer free literature to customers.  Alfalfa hay, wheat, beans, sweet corn, watermelon, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, peaches, and pears are just a few of the crops that are produced. In addition, DayStar Academy is working toward opening a bakery, where its fresh ground wheat can be made into wholesome bread and sold to the surrounding community.

DayStar continues  to seek the Lord’s will in its future plans, including the construction of a new boys dormitory and the strengthening of some of its practical components, such as woodworking, auto mechanics, construction, and home economics.






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