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Eden Valley Foster Care Mission sits in the mountains of Tanzania, Africa, where water flows in abundance from sky and spring. From this vantage point, clothing, school uniforms, salt, soap, blankets, and many other necessities are distributed to more than 800 orphans in the surrounding villages.

To give these young people a future, the mission offers training in carpentry and sewing. This education, apart from giving the young people tools to build a future, gives them the opportunity to learn God’s Word. In fact, every class begins with 45 minutes of Bible study. In addition, three Bible workers are employed to teach about Jesus in the village elementary schools, to visit people, and to give Bible studies to the villagers.

Eden Valley Foster Care Mission also organizes a nursery school for the little ones. The team also helps the elderly with clothing, salt, and soap, and they provide an ambulance service for the sick. Each morning, people of all ages gather at the mission to receive minor dental care. All of these services are free to those in need. To show their gratitude, the nearby Mago village government gave the mission 35 acres of its best land for a training center. In response, the mission plans to expand the school’s courses to include training in mechanics, agriculture, masonry, cooking, and more. In honor of their higher purpose, the first building they completed was a beautiful campus chapel. In addition to holding Sabbath services, it also provides a place for the Youth for Jesus training program—a one- to two-month training program for young people to learn how to share the Good News.


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