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Fanantenana, the Malagasy word for hope, was chosen as the name and the goal for the training center in Madagascar. Started in 1993 in response to ADRA’s call to establish a medical center in an unentered area, the project has been growing quietly but steadily.

Today the medical clinic continues to serve the poor people of this region, offering healing and hope for the future. In 2003 Fanantenana opened a secondary school in answer to the petition of local authorities. It is the only school in that area, and today more than 200 students are enrolled. Through the work of the school, the team sees that God is opening this area to His gospel. The school program incorporates an hour-long Bible class every day, and each year some of the students choose to become Christians. Many do so in spite of strong opposition from their families, who practice ancestral worship.

The team started a health evangelism program in 2005, and they have held health expos in all nine major cities in Madagascar. This ministry provides a welcome response to one of the greatest needs in the country. They travel to other islands, as well, to hold expos. Mauritius was the most recent island visited, and through their ministry, doors have opened for a new project in that country, which will eventually include a wellness center.

Fanantenana also operates a publishing ministry, which has proved to be a blessing for the church members and public. They print inexpensive books on health, prophecy, Bible, and education in the Malagasy language, into which very little literature has been translated. The team continues in faith to accomplish the work the Lord has given them and to watch for His providences to move forward.


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    Cyclone Damages Fanantenana

    A category four cyclone pommeled Madagascar’s eastern shores earlier this week, passing over an OCI ministry, Fanantenana Training Center On Tuesday, February 14, Cyclone Giovanna struck land in Brickaville, about 65 miles south of Fanantenana. According to Reuters, the storm is responsible for the death of at least 16 people, with 65 injured and about…


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