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Fountainview Academy is a nonprofit supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church whose purpose is to train high school students for Christian service. Since 1975, Fountainview has been seeking out spiritually-minded young people to train for active mission service in any field to which God may call them. Graduates serve as key church leaders, prominent speakers, and faithful missionaries.

Staff members feel privileged to be a part of training young people for service. They endeavor to offer students the best in academic preparedness, biblical studies, work experience, evangelism, and recreation. The team’s efforts are enhanced by the state-of-the-art facility, which is nestled in the mountains of British Columbia.

The academy has a successful farm, an accredited academic program, and the students enjoy a wide variety of wholesome recreation in the mountains and lakes around the school. They have also begun using their beautiful surroundings as a backdrop to their musical DVD productions. The students have been recording their choir and orchestra performances for years, and their most recent production is entitled Steps to Christ in Song. This DVD includes a musical selection and a summary for each chapter of the book, Steps to Christ. Completed in early 2010, it immediately began to make an impact on audiences. This production expresses staff and students’ conviction that Jesus is the source of all life and the only channel through which lost humanity may be restored to God.

The primary objective of Fountainview Academy teachers is to point students to Jesus and to encourage them to share Him with others. All other subjects are secondary to this aim. In the classrooms, industries, activities, and codes of conduct, staff endeavor to make Christ relevant and attractive.





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  1. Fountainview Academy provides solid academic, spiritual, and vocational training for its students–along with a very professional emphasis on music and evangelism. We are delighted that our daughter has studied there for the past three years and would highly recommend this school. We also encourage people who are looking for an outstanding, effective, evangelistic ministry to support to consider supporting Fountainview Academy! Thank you.

    -Gina Wahlen