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The mission of FundaciĆ³n Nuevo Amanecer is to promote a lasting and meaningful relationship with God, molding and shaping young people into missionaries and health evangelists.

Situated high in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, for almost 30 years, Nuevo Amanecer has been a government-approved social educating service. They incorporate four areas of training into their program, and so far, the team has trained about 700 young people for service to God. Training missionary evangelists is a big part of their program. The course includes practical training in public evangelism, personal evangelism, Bible studies, and community work. Nuevo Amanecer also offers health evangelism training.

Their lifestyle center enables students to gain hands on experience. Students and staff are dedicated to making every guest feel comfortable while helping each one to maintain or recover a healthy lifestyle through such services as health seminars, vegetarian food, natural therapies, and an excellent natural environment.

The last two areas of their program are micro enterprise and agriculture. Students can learn commercialization of diverse products as they work with the team, and they also have the opportunity to learn organic farming with an emphasis on the preservation of natural resources.

Nuevo Amanecer desires to spread the truth of the gospel through young people who enjoy success in the face of new challenges imposed by a perpetually changing society. They strive to prepare people physically, mentally, and spiritually for service and help them find opportunities to serve. Teaching the gospel, preventive health, nutrition, healthy living, organic agriculture, and baking gives their students preparation for life and service.






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  1. I spent over 4 weeks in Nuevo Amanecer. It was a great experience. To see the dedication of each one of the volunteers who work SO hard. All of them seem to be happy with a big smile on their faces.

    They work with so little modern resources but accomplish so much. I can only say that God is that place.

    I saw the miracles that God perform in the physical area with only natural means, such as: local herbs from the garden and the wild, clay, charcoal, fasting, juicing, and a vegan diet. Just incredible how resourceful they are.

    Then to see how they take time for worship and communion with God, no wonder God is blessing them.

    I went to teach there but I learned so much and wish I could stay longer because it is so much more to learn from those children of God. They are blessed and they are a blessing to others.

    -Celly Gomez