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Education at Harbert Hills Academy is built on the belief that every young person should have the opportunity for a harmonious Christian education focusing on academic excellence, applied skills, and character development. This kind of education enables students to support themselves and to know the joy of Christian service.

Founded in the ‘50s by William Patterson, the campus now also includes Harbert Hills Academy Nursing Home, Bread of Life Bakery, WDNX radio station, and the school farm. These industries provide applied-skills learning opportunities for every student, as well as the opportunity to defray a portion of their school expenses.

The school also offers auto mechanics, woodworking, radio broadcasting, food services, youth outreach, and Certified Nursing Assistant classes. Students who complete the Certified Nursing Assistant or food service courses can take an exam qualifying them for a state-recognized certificate.

In addition to preparing students for college, the academic portion of the program includes electives in graphic design, accounting, foreign languages, and music. In each class, vocational or academic, the common thread is the emphasis on spiritual matters. Scripture is integrated into the learning experience, and teachers watch for opportunities to share eternal lessons. They also encourage students to draw closer to Christ through daily devotional time, worships, chapel programs, week of prayer meetings, and fellowship with faculty and staff.

This spiritual emphasis makes an impact on students. Shaina, who completed her sophomore year in 2010, says: “Youth outreach class has helped me become a lot more serious about my spiritual experience and has helped me develop my leadership skills. I find I have more time to read my Bible and get closer to God.”


Recent News

  • Academy Teacher Perishes in Crash

    A dedicated staff member from Harbert Hills Academy died in a tragic car accident on October 4. Raleigh Flint, a 77-year-old retired math and science teacher was waiting in traffic when he was rear-ended. He was on the way back to the school from the airport, having picked up Yuna Asakawa, a 14-year-old Japanese exchange…

  • Students Respond

    Students responded as a group to the messages presented during Harbert Hills Academy’s fall week of prayer. The messages presented by Doug Batchelor in the series “Here we Stand” were broadcast to the whole school. Faculty were overjoyed to see the young people’s appreciation of the thoughts Doug presented. Two of the 20 students even…





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