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Kibidula’s core purpose is to proclaim and help others share the news of Christ’s soon return and His incredible love for each person.

Kibidula began its various outreach ministries in 1989 on 4,776 acres located in South Central Tanzania and has been bustling with activity ever since. The team runs a primary school for local students; an agriculture school, which provides additional vocational training for those unable to continue onto secondary school; and an evangelism school. Their organization also operates a lifestyle center, builds One-Day Churches, publishes Bibles and other literature, prints spiritual materials, and does evangelism. Additionally, Kibidula supports national missionaries in unreached areas, grows avocados, and has an aviation program.

In all its educational programs, Kibidula seeks to lead hearts to Jesus. Through true higher education, the staff encourages their students to develop excellence in character and become all they can be for life on this earth and for eternity.




Recent News

  • Missionaries Survive Plane Crash

    A family of four missionaries was among the passengers on the Hewa Bora plane that crashed April 15, 2008 in the Congo. Barry, MaryBeth, April, and Andrew Mosier were on their way from Kibidula Farm Institute in Tanzania, where they have worked for eight years, to visit their son, Keith, who is starting a project…

  • Swiss Volunteers at Kibidula

    In 2005/2006, Friedrich Alt, a retired businessman from Switzerland, helped out at Kibidula for six months. He did woodwork, plumbing, and different kinds of maintenance. When he left in April 2006 the entire Kibidula team was sad to see him go.  They encouraged him to come back soon. While at home, he initiated the idea…





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  1. In June and July 2011 we were invited to Kibidula to assist in a LIGHT (Lay Institute for Global Health Training) training session. It was a great six weeks and we enjoyed the people and work very much. We were delighted when we were invited to return to Kibidula as full-time staff. We are thankful that we are part of the medical missionary training program here in Tanzania and for all the amazing projects that take place here. People’s lives are being touched in wonderful ways, and people are coming to know Jesus!

    -Tamara Schoch