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Kristina’s Kitchen is a bakery, vegetarian cafe, and health food store located in a small rural community in the Appalachian region of eastern Kentucky run by Daniel and Kristina McFeeters. They began their work in 2009 by offering free monthly cooking classes in two locations. By 2013 people regularly requested an opportunity to purchase their food, especially because there was no access to healthy food within that county. There was a tremendous need to establish a center within the community where Daniel and Kristina could meet the neighbors on a daily basis and reach them with the love of Jesus. This led them to open Kristina’s Kitchen in the spring of 2014.

The store is open Monday to Friday with hot lunches being served as well. God continues to bring Daniel and Kristina into contact with community members who have never eaten vegetarian food before. In spite of this new experience, the customers enjoy the simple meals that are prepared for them, become repeat customers, and develop friendships.

The monthly cooking classes teach people how to use fruits and vegetables and add them to their diet. Daniel and Kristina feature one fruit or vegetable each month and share recipes that contribute to a balanced meal using that fruit or vegetable. The five-minute health talk consists of the benefits from eating that particular fruit or vegetable. This keeps things fun and simple for those attending and the consistency allows Daniel and Kristina to build on each class.

The goals for Kristina’s Kitchen are to help the Appalachian community experience better health, enjoy more fruits and vegetables, and, most importantly, draw closer to God. Daniel and Kristina hope to expand their horizons in the near future as God leads with medical missionary programs, Bible study groups, and apprenticeship program.





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