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Living Springs Retreat focuses on helping your body heal itself and showing you the way to optimum health in a happy, caring environment where your needs are number one. Our philosophy is to reach people where they are and to help them physically, mentally, and spiritually. We believe in finding the cause of disease, not just treating its symptoms. For this reason, we focus on more than just giving natural remedies; we present the steps to living a healthy lifestyle, the way God intended for us to live.

Living Springs Retreat was established in 1980 in Putnam Valley, New York, with a lifestyle center located in the country one hour from the heart of Manhattan. The Living Springs Vegetarian Buffet was located on 60th Street. The ministry has since relocated to Roanoke, Alabama. The lifestyle center is open and the team strives to maintain a pure and clean environment where guests can heal amongst the restful stillness and beauty of nature.

The ministry also has a strong agricultural emphasis and is blessed with orchards and gardens to provide the lifestyle center with chemically free, homegrown, delicious fruit and vegetables. The team believes it is important to know how to grow and preserve as much of your own food as possible, and seeks to share this knowledge with their guests.





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  1. The ministry of Living Springs changed my life in so many ways! It would take me too long to share all of the wonderful things they have done for me. I would like to thank God for the ministry of those who founded Living Springs, as they started out in NY state. That is where I met them. I was taken care of during both of my pregnancies, which I was able to deliver at home in NY with the founder’s wife as my midwife! What an amazing and life changing experience. I will never forget what they have done for me! God’s blessing be upon your ministry as you continue to dedicate your life and time to Him!

    -Denise McLean