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The Medical Missionary Training Institute has progressed in such a way that the team knows the Lord is guiding. They have held numerous health expos, health seminars, natural remedy workshops, and vegetarian cooking schools, all by invitation from community organizations and churches.

The state government has given the ministry a generous grant to run a health program called Eat Well Be Active on Palm Island, which lies off the coast of North Queensland. It is the largest indigenous community in Australia —approximately 3,500 people. The institute is in partnership with the Palm Island Council and works closely with the local hospital, school, women’s center, government store, and nursing home. People invite the team to come into their homes and cook with them, and the team shows them simple, healthy recipes.

Acacia Academy is delivering an Australian government nationally recognized diploma-level course especially written to train people to set up and manage country sanitariums – the Diploma of Residential Health Education and Management. This is to give knowledge, skills and a professional qualification to lay medical missionaries to fulfill the blueprint given to us by God in the Spirit of Prophecy. The delivery is available globally online and on campus in Victoria, Australia.

The staff at Medical Missionary Training Institute also encourage walking every day and hope to put a connection to 3ABN in the homes. Staff join one Bible study each week, and their aim is to establish Bible studies in the homes where they are already teaching people about health.

They are praying for a missionary couple to come to Palm Island as Bible workers. A couple living on the island would be able to form permanent relationships with the people. The team is also looking for additional staff. A local doctor has offered to finance a café, and the institute would love to set up a bakery, as well. But they need people to fill the positions these industries would create. The residential health center and the college are still going strong. All students are enrolled in “distance education” courses at this time, none living on campus. However, they travel to the institute to work at the health center and help with public programs on Palm Island for practical experience. Director Bev Krogdahl says, “Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the guidance and blessings from our Heavenly Father.”


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  1. Hi, I live in New Zealand and am privileged to have enrolled as a distance learning student, studying the Diploma in Residential Health Education and Management. I am finding the course a tremendous blessing, the training is structured beautifully and we are blessed to see how much it incorporates GODS ANSWER to disease. Thankyou again to the team at MMTI. Jedidiah

    -Jedidiah Jennings