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Due to allegations against a teacher, presented on August 14, 2014, Miracle Meadows School is currently not in session. Click here for Miracle Meadows' official statement.

While the Seventh-day Adventist Church operates a worldwide Christian education system consisting of thousands of schools, Miracle Meadows School is currently one of just three facilities that enroll secondary and elementary students who are defiant, deviant, disrespectful, truant, and in trouble with the law.

The program aims to mentor, motivate, and manage at-risk youth in choosing God’s way spiritually, physically, and mentally. Miracle Meadows is one of the few schools in America that has a no-expulsion practice. It is making a difference through Christ-centered mentorship and education. The students have outreach opportunities both locally and abroad. Over the last 10 years, the school has organized mission trips to Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Chile, and Mexico.

Since Miracle Meadows was founded in 1988, its techniques have transformed hundreds of families as at-risk students have given their lives to God. By giving second chances to so many children who were written off as nobodies and failures, this ministry has blessed thousands of lives. The school’s philosophy includes the belief that children are our most prized possessions, and God has entrusted them to the staff for a reason. More than 30 committed missionaries make up the Miracle Meadows team. All of them are investing time and skills in this ministry, allowing God to use them to impact the lives of these young people.

The high staff-to-student ratio assures maximum supervision and one-on-one interaction between staff and students. The school operates year-round, allowing students who are behind in academics and struggling with behavior issues the time they need to catch up in their schoolwork. Miracle Meadows recently opened a transitional school, Mountain State Academy, located about half an hour from the main campus. This branch gives students who are ready for it a more relaxed environment while still providing more mentoring and monitoring than a regular academy.


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    Building a Bolivian Orphanage

    Rurrenabaque, Bolivia – On March 22, a group of approximately 40 students, staff, and volunteers left Miracle Meadows School and flew to Bolivia for their annual two-week mission trip. Their goal: to build a new facility for Familia Feliz—an orphanage and school. Familia Feliz, a member of Gospel Outreach Ministries (an OCI member), opened last…




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