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Naturalia is the result of Luis Dominguez’s dream to create a ministry in his home country of Uruguay with the intent to provide physical, mental, and spiritual wellness to its citizens through products and services. After finding a suitable location, Dominguez and his family started a health food store in Salto, Uruguay.

They were supported by a group of five young people who helped with the bakery at the outpost. Both the bakery and store were used to generate income and make missionary contact. After an accident and the untimely death of Dominguez’s wife, new leadership was brought in to continue the project’s objective. The bakery was enhanced, and an outpatient lifestyle program was started on the farm.

The demand grew so much that they opened a natural health program in the city of Salto. Many of the guests came across the border from Argentina and requested to have a program in the city of Concordia. Through these avenues, many customers have come to know the truth, and some have made the decision to serve the Lord.

At present all three treatment locations are in operation, and the bakery is getting ready to expand its sales to the capital city, Montevideo. Nevertheless, they are performing an evaluation process that will allow them to make the wisest decision on how to reorganize the program to foster and strengthen each area in a positive way. Future plans include the establishment of a lifestyle center at the outpost, the expansion of the bakery with more equipment to produce greater quantities, and a small vegetable production for internal use.


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  • Naturalia SRL
    Calle Brasil 459
  • 598-473-02855 (Bakery)
    598-473-38912 (Health Center)
    Same as Tel1 (fax)
  • Carlos Corzo Director 598-94-45-68-22



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