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Every group of guests at New Life Health Center is special. The family-like atmosphere fostered by the team helps groups of people with completely different backgrounds to develop lasting friendships.

Since 2000, New Life has been helping individuals from Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe. The center quickly began making an impact on its hometown of Kiriakovka, as well.

Many townspeople have dedicated their lives to God, and the team worked with the conference to start a church for all of the new members. Adventists and non-Adventists alike are drawn to the center for its special spiritual atmosphere. God has blessed the ministry, which uses simple remedies to heal guests’ physical ailments and to reach their hearts, as well. And hearts are what the ministry is truly aiming for. They realize that a healthy lifestyle will make life on earth more pleasant, but spiritual health makes an impact on eternity.

The team faces challenges almost every step of the way, but the Lord has led them thus far, and they trust Him to continue to guide their path. Each patient who takes steps toward the great Healer is an encouragement. The staff members at New Life pray that God will continue to use them as a tool for winning souls for His Kingdom.


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