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From a few people and a small farm established in the 1970s, Riverside Farm Institute has grown into a large, multifaceted ministry.

One key element of their outreach is a clinic, which serves a catchment area of approximately 4,000 people, most of whom live in poverty. In addition, the nurses travel to remote areas to hold bush clinics, reaching out to even more people.

The lifestyle center enables the staff to witness to the higher classes in Zambia. The wonderful gardens and beautiful view are an invitation to step away from the day-to-day activities of city life and take a rest. Guests who are suffering from various diseases have the opportunity to regain their health, and it is a blessing to see God’s healing hand at work.

Education is also central to Riverside’s ministry. They offer courses in scientific gardening, tailoring, and evangelism. The evangelism department is growing rapidly. Nearly 60 lay Bible workers, graduates of the evangelism course, are stationed in different parts of Zambia. Thanks to Light Bearers Ministry and Remnant Publications, they have handed out millions of tracts and thousands of Bibles. Other supporters enable the team to offer advanced health and evangelism courses. Graduates of these programs have opened six new smaller training centers and begun offering short-term programs in other African countries.

Riverside uses the farm to support much of its work. With 25,000 banana trees and 225 acres of irrigated farmland, they are also able to provide many jobs to the community. They also run a mill, which, at the end of the season buys maize, Zambia’s staple food, and grinds it into meal. The meal is stored and then sold later in the year when prices increase.

With so much activity taking place on and off campus, the staff at Riverside trusts that God will keep them united in their labors.


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