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At three years old, David and Alice Meyer’s son could recite Psalm 23 from memory. Alice had noticed that when she read Bible stories over and over to her little boy, he would learn them by heart just from the repetition. She decided to try it with scripture.

Alice stapled together heavy paper, wrote out the Psalm, and added pictures to each page. She read this to Jonathan several times a day. After about three weeks, he could say the whole Psalm from memory.

Every month Alice made a Bible chapter picture book, and Jonathan learned the passage. Soon other mothers were asking for the books.

The Lord led them to Hope LeBrun, who had written many chapter-length scripture songs. They worked together to make recordings to go with the books.

In 1990 Thy Word Creations was born, and the Meyers praise God for the impact it has made on their lives and the blessing it has been to others.



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  1. Having lived with many sorrows, the memorization of your scripture songs has strengthened me. Much mental agony was relieved and relief came as I would walk and ride along alone with God’s word with me. Satan’s power over me was removed many, many times. For 30 years I have been singing these songs. The powers of darkness can not prevail against me when I break out in singing. Truly it has been my refuge.

    His word in my heart has been the key that got me back into the Fathers heart so many times. I have thought of you wonderful folks and THY WORD CREATIONS much and pray for you and ask that you put me on your prayer list.

    To know God is to love Him. To God be the glory forever and ever. Thank you so much for your ministry!

    -Mark-Allen Wood