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Doctors Calvin and Agatha Thrash founded Uchee Pines Institute in 1970 as a place to provide healing in a hurting world. God gave these pioneers a vision for demonstrating, through their practices of internal medicine and pathology, that the remedies of the Great Physician are found in nature.

They accept people suffering from various degenerative diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Using primarily nutrition, exercise, hydrotherapy, massage, and herbs, the staff create individualized programs for each patient, which are carried out under the supervision of one of the staff physicians. A lifestyle counselor is also assigned to each guest, and he or she becomes the guest’s therapist, teacher, prayer partner, and friend.

Uchee Pines also offers a medical missionary training program. The school offers two courses with one goal in mind—to prepare medical missionaries to bring the gospel of good health to those perishing for want of something better.

Besides the lifestyle center and training programs, Uchee Pines reaches out through its auto repair shop, industrial building, organic agriculture program, and a radio station. And off-campus, in Columbus, Georgia, the team ministers to others through the Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant and Natural Food Store. This also serves as the training ground for those interested in health food work and city missions.


Recent News

  • Tidings from the East

    compiled by Naomi Jackson OCI held its Eastern North America Retreat in Haymarket, Virginia, at the Living Hope SDA Church, November 18-20, 2016. Those in attendance were privileged to hear many thought-provoking presentations under the theme “Tidings from the East.” Even if you missed out on the meetings, you can still download the seminars for…

  • OCI Holds Retreat for Educators

    OCI hosted its first Educator Retreat from March 16 – 18 at Uchee Pines Institute. With more than 50 attendees, the Educator Retreat provided an opportunity for staff and students of elementary, secondary, and medical missionary training schools to collaborate regarding the future of education. Guest speakers included Wanda Sarr, director of education for the…

  • OCI Ministries Unite in Uchee Pines

    The campus of Uchee Pines Institute was filled to overflowing with more than 200 attendees for the annual OCI Leadership Retreat. Held from March 10 – 15, ministry leaders, workers, students, and supporters of OCI gathered together for united prayer, meaningful sermons and seminars, and the all-time favorite mission reports. With approximately 30 OCI ministries…

  • Country Life Wins Award

    Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant and Natural Food Store, operated by Uchee Pines Institute in Columbus, Georgia, received the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA) 2009 Best of Columbus Award. The USCA made the announcement in June, with Country Life winning in the Independent Grocery Stores category. Read the full story on netASI.

  • Lifestyle Center Dedication

    Thanks to the donations and hard work of so many, Uchee Pines’ new lifestyle center is almost completed. They will dedicate the building on June 14. The institution is planning a high weekend to celebrate the event, and all are invited to attend. They will begin on June 12 with vespers at 7:00pm. The next…




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