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In operation since 2003, VitaSalus runs two outpatient clinics as well as a lifestyle center in Portugal. The clinics, located in Lisbon and Pombal, offer various medical, psychological, and dental services. In 2008, VitaSalus expanded its ministry by purchasing a country property near the ancienct city of Coimbra for the lifestyle center. Though still under development, the center is open to the public, and the team already receives guests.

The staff at VitaSalus offer 10-day NEWSTART® and depression recovery programs. They also have a special NEWSTART® program for married couples where pertinent relationship issues are discussed.

In addition to their clinic and lifestyle center work, VitaSalus teaches healthy vegetarian cooking and a one-month health promotions course. The school of health promotion trains young people for a life of service in health ministries. Graduates organize health expos, health clubs, and vegetarian cooking classes, plus they conduct spiritual meetings and Bible studies. Some are serving as Bible workers, while others have continued in other professional lines but with a new vision for their lives.


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