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Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital - OCI Supported Ministry
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Profile: Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital

Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital provides educational, health, business, and evangelistic services to its local and worldwide communities. For more than 70 years, Wildwood has served as a training hub and launching pad for the expansion of lifestyle centers, educational institutions, and city missions in and around major cities and rural areas for the salvation of souls. The diverse campus with its 120 staff members includes a health food and bookstore, herb shop, an outpatient clinic, a lifestyle center with physical therapy and hydrotherapy departments, the College of Health Evangelism, and the local Seventh-day Adventist church.

Through its various programs, Wildwood is dedicated to following the divine plan in helping people gain a closer relationship with Christ and find restoration of body, mind, and soul. For example, the health food store hosts a number of cooking classes to help people in the community become aware of how foods affect their health. Additionally, the College of Health Evangelism trains medical missionaries and, in cooperation with LIGHT, sends them on local and overseas mission trips to help train other church members to be more active for Christ. By God’s grace, Wildwood will continue to faithfully serve its neighbors near and far until Jesus’ return.






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  • College of Health Evangelism

    706-820-1493 ext
    706-820-1089 (fax)
    Jesse Zwiker, Director
  • Wildwood Country Store

  • Book Store

  • Journal of Health & Healing

    P.O. Box 109
    Wildwood, GA, 30757
    United States
    706-820-1493 ext
    706-820-1474 (fax)
  • Pioneers Memorial

    P.O. Box 102
    Wildwood, GA, 30757
    United States
    Dona Paulin, President



  1. I was at Wildwood back in 2006, had a wonderful experience. Felt better physically, mentally, and spiritually. Praying to return for the medical missionary program at the school.

    -Ruth Selby