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Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital is a ministry dedicated to following the divine plan for educating and assisting others in the development of a closer relationship with Christ and the achievement of optimum health through the restoration of body, mind, and soul.

Since its humble, faith-based beginning, Wildwood has grown to include many varied ministries through which the light of the gospel and restoration of health shines brightly. Wildwood’s lifestyle program attracts guests from the United States and overseas who seek treatment for lifestyle-related health concerns such as diabetes, weight control, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer. During their 11-day program, guests receive customized treatment including massage, hydrotherapy, botanical medicine, health lectures, a vegan diet, cooking classes, outdoor exercise, and visits from staff physicians.

Wildwood Hospital, a state-licensed facility emphasizing the use of natural remedies in conjunction with lifestyle changes, is incorporated with the lifestyle center specifically for those who are unable to participate in the lifestyle program due to health limitations. The outpatient clinic provides the community with a day healthcare service that prioritizes the identification, prevention, and treatment of the causes of disease rather than masking its symptoms.

In addition to restoring health, the team strongly believes in educating and empowering people for Christian service. The College of Health Evangelism offers six-month and 12-month courses that equip individuals with practical training in both health ministry and evangelism. The Institute of Medical Ministry provides a two-year intensive course focusing on in-depth medical training with a one-year skills application internship.

The curriculum includes immunology, therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine,and Christian psychology. As a part of reaching the local community, Wildwood operates the Country Life Restaurant in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. In addition to serving wholesome meals in a Christian atmosphere, this 100-percent vegetarian restaurant provides an ideal venue for cooking schools, health expos, and wellness and religious seminars. On the Wildwood campus, a Country Store, bookstore, and herb shop draw visitors from the surrounding states. The farm produces organic fruits and vegetables and bedding plants that are in demand by restaurants, farmers’ markets, and other local businesses. It also provides food for the ministry. Two large greenhouses enable the farm to function year-round.

Wildwood has also helped to develop numerous similar institutions around the world. Wildwood Health Retreat in Alabama specializes in ministering to individuals struggling with addictions. Graduates and leaders have started more than 40 ministries, some large and some small.






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  1. I was at Wildwood back in 2006, had a wonderful experience. Felt better physically, mentally, and spiritually. Praying to return for the medical missionary program at the school.

    -Ruth Selby