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The village of Zuevka lies in one of the most beautiful corners of the Donetskaya area of Ukraine. Close to a landscaped park and surrounded by beautiful views of rivers and mountains, the sanitarium provides a relaxing environment for guests and staff alike.

The idea for Zuevka began when a group of people from the area attended camp meeting at Our Home Lifestyle Center & School. They felt inspired to start a similar center to reach out to people in their area. Following the guidelines in the Spirit of Prophecy, they purchased a house in the fall of 2007.

Once they had renovated the building enough to be able to treat guests, they began organizing health camps. People who attend these sessions receive the same treatment as lifestyle guests, but everything is done in the unfinished building. Primarily church members were invited, but nearly half of the guests who have come are non-Adventists.

The team at Zuevka is also working to open a medical missionary school. Already, with the help of teachers from Our Home, they have held a four-month course. Many of the 48 students who attended have devoted their lives to serving God through different enterprises or in their own churches. Many church members from surrounding areas visit Zuevka to serve as medical missionaries, help with construction or agriculture, and improve their health. Construction of the lifestyle center is still in progress, and it is a blessing to have the extra helping hands.

The team is eager to officially open the center and trusts that the Lord will help them to continue the work He led them to begin. In the meantime, they will continue to hold health camps and carry forward with their mission: to use God’s principles for healthful living to share the greater message of salvation.


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