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Growing Leaders: Decisions

OCI Headquarters · 03.17.2015

by Steven Grabiner It happens all the time; two people make the exact opposite decision, and both think it is for the best. A football team fires their coach, and another team hires him right away. One person sells a stock, and another buys it. In both instances, and many more besides, everyone thinks they…

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Growing Leaders: Give It Some Thought

OCI Headquarters · 02.17.2015

by Steven Grabiner I’m sure that you have experienced this problem at some time in your life. There is an important decision to be made and you are feeling stuck–torn between competing options that all have something good about them, as well as potential for going wrong. You have thought about, prayed about it, counseled…

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The President’s Bookshelf: Absence of Dissent

OCI Headquarters · 02.03.2015

by Steven Grabiner Successful leadership involves many skills, some of which seem to be directly contrary to each other. A good leader needs to know how to facilitate consensus around a decision, so that it can effectively implemented. At the same time, team members need to engage in constructive conflict to help ensure that the…

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Growing Leaders: The Other Side of the Story

OCI Headquarters · 01.20.2015

by Steven Grabiner Everyone in leadership knows the feeling. A situation has occurred, conflict has arisen, and the person you are attempting to reason with just doesn’t see your side of the story. The more you endeavor to clarify the issues, emotions boil more vigorously. In fact, as I write this, I am in one…

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Celebrating Christ’s Birth

OCI Headquarters · 12.23.2014

By Steven Grabiner Having worked in New England, cold weather and snow are always associated in my mind with the Christmas season. I remember our church members bundling up in warm clothes to go singing house to house. I realize that you might be in a part of the world where the remembrance of Christ’s birth…

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The Gift of Missions

OCI Headquarters · 12.16.2014

By Steven Grabiner I wonder how many of us really believe the old adage, “it is not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it.” Perhaps we’ll demonstrate our appreciation for a poorly constructed gift if the giver is a two-year old granddaughter. However, if a mature loved one only thinks about giving, or…

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Growing Leaders: An Encouraging Word

OCI Headquarters · 11.25.2014

By Steven Grabiner In an impressively skillful word picture, Solomon conveys the power of an appropriately spoken word. “Like apples of gold in settings of silver, is a word spoken in right circumstances” (Proverbs 25:11). Here the wise man conveys the truth that a word shared, fitting to the circumstances, has an exquisite beauty to…


Working Together for Western Europe

Sonnmatt Bergpension & Gesundheitszentrum · 11.19.2014

Ministry leaders and mission-minded friends of OCI from around Western Europe gathered at Sonnmatt Bergpension & Gesundheitszentrum in Switzerland for a retreat October 31 – November 2, 2014. With the theme “Give Us Europe, Lest We Die,” attendees were encouraged to consider their role in the grand scheme of seeing Western Europe reached for Jesus….


Lighting Up Ecuador

LIGHT · 11.14.2014

by Antoinette Sierra Doors are opening to share the health message in countries where such teachings have not been so readily received in the past. Particularly, health evangelism is growing rapidly in Latin America through the work of Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT) and its affiliates. All it takes is one person to…

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The President’s Bookshelf: Ellen White on Leadership

OCI Headquarters · 11.12.2014

by Steven Grabiner Strolling through those small airport bookstores, I am regularly impressed by the variety of leadership books that are continually being published. It seems that there is an insatiable thirst for help in learning what makes a good leader. The aspiring leader will find value in many of these books. However, I discovered…